Content writers are pretty much like online journalists. They write informative, trending, and useful stuff for Ezine Articles, commercial blogs, education sites, and similar places on the web. Freelance online journalists typically know how to tweak their work to be more readable and accessible on the screen for its viewers.Their work ends when they send their completed articles to the publisher who does the rest of the job.

A content writer for corporate or business blogs, however, frequently has to wear more hats than your usual online writer. There’s a lot riding on the back of the corporate content writer. A website either makes it or drowns in the quagmire of SEO oblivion.It is the content writer’s job to create the right content to make sure that the website will stay on top of the search engine results page (SERP) and be more visible to its target audience, opening more possibilities for sales or other equivalent conversion.

Content writerCorporate web writers are usually expected to possess sophisticated verbal and technical writing skills, and some level of proficiency in web design and marketing techniques. Not all content writers are created equal, though, and a company has to be more specific in its job specifications to be able to find the perfect fit for its content writing requirements.

The battle for page ranking supremacy used to go in the way of websites that optimize sites for search engines through the clever use and appearance of keywords. The changing algorithms of search engines,however, have changed the entire SERP landscape. Quality content matters, not just in the eyes of the web users, but in the parameters set by search engines as well.

Getting the website on the top page is already a rough road, but that is just the icing on the cake. Most web users scan through the text on the results page and click on the website that seems useful. A website with highly optimized and relevant micro content or meta description tags usually takes the cake.

Providing a meta description is an opportunity to advertise a website’s content. These short paragraphs should make use of keywords astutely and include a compelling description of the website to lure a searcher to click. This sounds like a job for a content writer who is a wordsmith and a web master at the same time.

A content writer, more than anything, creates the website content that draws and retains visitors to a site. Quality content means posts that are relevant, useful, accurate, and timely. In some instances, the content writer may also be given a role in the web page design process to ensure consistency and uniformity.

Work assignments often vary, but content writers are routinely asked to do the following tasks:

•Provide content based on specifications given by a client

•Edit and polish print documents prior to online publication

•Design web pages for readability and accessibility

•Research and write web content from scratch

•Create intranet content from scratch

•Proofread web pages prior to publication

Special tasks may include testing and editing of forms for usability and website evaluation for search-ability, readability, legibility, interactivity, and strategy.

Every work assignment has varying skills requirement, but every content writer should be competent in writing titles and creating content for meta descriptions. The online writer is also expected to know how to write HTML and XML.

Professional content writers with specialist or technical skills can write alt-text for images, provide content of no frames tag, and write long desc for frames, iframes tag, and images. They are also involved in the training of new staff writers.

A content writer works in a fast-paced and technology-driven field and must keep up with the changes and the ever growing competition by continuously enhancing technical and writing skills.