When we need a new shirt, we normally don’t think of creating a shirt at all. But did you know that with all the technology we have now that you can literally have a new shirt within a few days, and a custom shirt design finished and ready in a couple of minutes?

This is the magic of custom t shirt printing, or custom printing designs on blank t shirts. There is absolutely no difference between a custom t shirt and a t shirt that you can buy off a rack in a department store or a bargain bin. They’re one and the same product.

So don’t think for a second that you wouldn’t be getting a good product if you choose to have your shirts printed instead of buying them from a department store. Quality wise, it’s really the same thing. And if you take the time to select shirts that have higher quality than the original, then you are bound to get a better looking shirt with higher durability, too.

Where to Get a Good Design

custom-printed-t-shirtsYou don’t have to be a visual or design expert to get a good design on your custom shirt. If you are printing for yourself, then the wealth of designs can be found in what your passions and interests are in life.

Think: what are you are really interested in, and what’s going to make your shirts stand out? Because when you are designing a shirt, you’d want to make a design that will grab people’s attention and make them recall what you wanted to say on the shirt.

Of course, not everyone wants to send a message through their shirts. Many just want cool designs, or stuff that sort of reflects their personalities. But then again, if you think about it, these folks are still sending a message to other people with their simple designs.

For example, a woman who has almost all her shirts printed with a flower may be communicating to others that she’s a fragile flower, or is pretty as a flower, or something along this line. Even if she skips putting lines of text on her designs, there is always something being communicated with a shirt design.

With that in mind, there is also always something to talk about when people see shirts with special designs, too. If you want to stimulate people’s imagination while looking good, create your own shirt today and you will definitely be able to do that.

Start Imagining That Design

 Every beautiful design begins with your imagination. There is no finished design lying around anywhere. Each design is created specifically and with a purpose, and your imagination is the treasure trove where you are going to get that design.

Some questions to get you started on your first design:
  1. What do you want to communicate?
  2. What is your design about?
  3. What kind of effect do you want the design to have on people?
  4. How do you want to render the design?
  5. What special things will you be adding to the design to make it striking and more unique?
  6. How will you create the design and what type of media would you be using?

One of the great things about creating shirt designs is that you have the creative freedom to do what you want and there’s nothing stopping you from exploring different media and other approaches. Even if you are not a specialist, or an artist, you can begin creating art that suits what you need and you can later use your art as designs for shirts.

When you think you have the design down pat, the next step would be to project the design onto a shirt. A design might look good on its own, but the aesthetics change slightly when you have it on a shirt.

Don’t be afraid to test your theory and project it digitally first on a shirt. Custom shirt websites have Web apps specifically for this purpose. You can try out different designs as much as you want before settling on the ones that deserve to be printed.

What if your design doesn’t look good on the shirt?

T shirts

When a design looks awkward or off once projected onto a shirt, the problem is usually the balance, or how the elements are arranged in the design in the first place.

It’s interesting to note here that people sort of have an expectation as to what is pleasing to the eyes when they look at shirt designs, but at the same time we want to practice our creativity as much as possible. You have to find the compromise between the two if you want to create shirt designs that people will appreciate.

But more than that, you should love your designs. Because you are the one who is going to wear them. Other people’s opinion are fine for fine-tuning your skill in creating designs, but in the final analysis, what really matters is that you are able to create designs on your shirts that matter to your greatly.


If you are a complete newbie to the world of design, here are some things that you should start reviewing:


  1. The relationship between colors, and the subtle differences when you combine primary colors with each other, or primary colors and secondary colors. Color theory is a must.


  1. The elements of balance on a visual design. Balancing elements is important because we want the text and images on the design to harmonize with each other. Balancing means giving each element the space that it deserves, so the design doesn’t end up looking lopsided.


  1. Photo editing or photo manipulation. The idea behind photo editing is that you are going to take the natural elements of an image and enhance them with a purpose in mind. It is a good thing that there are plenty of image editing apps and software now and with a push of a button, you can edit images.


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