Why Choose Cremation

Life is a gift that is celebrated each year for every individual. Every year, you have birthday parties and family and friends come to celebrate with you. Life is celebrated with joy and delight, however, when death comes, it is the time for sorrow and mourning. When death arrives, it is the time to grieve and feel anguish. Death is an agonizing experience for everyone, especially, if it happens to someone very dear to you. Now, there are many ways of saying farewell to a loved one. There is the common discreet funeral held by most people where everyone mourns in silence. There’s also the grander way to do funerals, with several speeches and toasts for the deceased. However, you want to say goodbye to your loved one, it all comes down to your last goodbye – the time when you finally have to part ways.

For most people, the common in-ground burial is the best way to put an end to things. You bury the dead along with his/her memories with you. For some, this is the easiest way to forget and move on. For some, this is the best way to keep on moving forward even with the loss they have experienced. However, there are some people who chose not to let go and to and continue on living with person they have lost. Of course, you can’t do this with normal corpses. Normal corpses need to be buried in the ground to be decomposed and to avoid the foul odor they will produce, so you really can’t be with the corpse of your loved one. However, there is a way to sort of preserve the remains of your loved one and keep them with you or wherever you go.

CremationCremation is the process of reducing the remains of a deceased person into ashes. The body is heated at a very high temperature in about one to three hours until what remains are only ashes. These ashes are given to the family to take care of. With this, you can keep the remains of your loved one in your own home and together with your family.

Why Choose Cremation?

Keep Your Loved One with You

With normal burials, you keep the deceased person underground, but with cremation, you can actually keep the remains of the deceased (ashes) with you. If your family has a certain bond or attachment, this will make things easier for you and your family, especially with the recovery.

You Don’t Have To Go To the Cemetery

After cremation, you can have the remains of your loved one with you. Now, you don’t have to go to the cemetery every now and then to offer prayers or pay respects. You can do those at home, where you keep the ashes of your loved ones. It does not only allow you to see it every day, it also allows you to pray anytime you want.

Leave a Legacy/Remembrance

Having a very important loved one with you even in death allows that person to leave you his/her legacy or remembrance. It may become a family heritage that you leave to your children and your children’s grandchildren to let them remember you and the past of your family. It may give them a sense of connection and bond, even when you no longer exist.

Another Option…

If you do not want to keep the ashes of your loved one, you can also throw it away. But not literally throw it away. You can put the ashes in a place where the deceased had a certain connection or just scatter it in the wind and let it be a part of the earth eventually.


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