Create Your Own Shirt Today  

When we need a new shirt, we normally don’t think of creating a shirt at all. But did you know that with all the technology we have now that you can literally have a new shirt within a few days, and a custom shirt design finished and ready in a couple of minutes?

This is the magic of custom t shirt printing, or custom printing designs on blank t shirts. There is absolutely no difference between a custom t shirt and a t shirt that you can buy off a rack in a department store or a bargain bin. They’re one and the same product.

So don’t think for a second that you wouldn’t be getting a good product if you choose to have your shirts printed instead of buying them from a department store. Quality wise, it’s really the same thing. And if you take the time to select shirts that have higher quality than the original, then you are bound to get a better looking shirt with higher durability, too.

Where to Get a Good Design

custom-printed-t-shirtsYou don’t have to be a visual or design expert to get a good design on your custom shirt. If you are printing for yourself, then the wealth of designs can be found in what your passions and interests are in life.

Think: what are you are really interested in, and what’s going to make your shirts stand out? Because when you are designing a shirt, you’d want to make a design that will grab people’s attention and make them recall what you wanted to say on the shirt.

Of course, not everyone wants to send a message through their shirts. Many just want cool designs, or stuff that sort of reflects their personalities. But then again, if you think about it, these folks are still sending a message to other people with their simple designs.

For example, a woman who has almost all her shirts printed with a flower may be communicating to others that she’s a fragile flower, or is pretty as a flower, or something along this line. Even if she skips putting lines of text on her designs, there is always something being communicated with a shirt design.

With that in mind, there is also always something to talk about when people see shirts with special designs, too. If you want to stimulate people’s imagination while looking good, create your own shirt today and you will definitely be able to do that.

Start Imagining That Design

 Every beautiful design begins with your imagination. There is no finished design lying around anywhere. Each design is created specifically and with a purpose, and your imagination is the treasure trove where you are going to get that design.

Some questions to get you started on your first design:
  1. What do you want to communicate?
  2. What is your design about?
  3. What kind of effect do you want the design to have on people?
  4. How do you want to render the design?
  5. What special things will you be adding to the design to make it striking and more unique?
  6. How will you create the design and what type of media would you be using?

One of the great things about creating shirt designs is that you have the creative freedom to do what you want and there’s nothing stopping you from exploring different media and other approaches. Even if you are not a specialist, or an artist, you can begin creating art that suits what you need and you can later use your art as designs for shirts.

When you think you have the design down pat, the next step would be to project the design onto a shirt. A design might look good on its own, but the aesthetics change slightly when you have it on a shirt.

Don’t be afraid to test your theory and project it digitally first on a shirt. Custom shirt websites have Web apps specifically for this purpose. You can try out different designs as much as you want before settling on the ones that deserve to be printed.

What if your design doesn’t look good on the shirt?

T shirts

When a design looks awkward or off once projected onto a shirt, the problem is usually the balance, or how the elements are arranged in the design in the first place.

It’s interesting to note here that people sort of have an expectation as to what is pleasing to the eyes when they look at shirt designs, but at the same time we want to practice our creativity as much as possible. You have to find the compromise between the two if you want to create shirt designs that people will appreciate.

But more than that, you should love your designs. Because you are the one who is going to wear them. Other people’s opinion are fine for fine-tuning your skill in creating designs, but in the final analysis, what really matters is that you are able to create designs on your shirts that matter to your greatly.


If you are a complete newbie to the world of design, here are some things that you should start reviewing:


  1. The relationship between colors, and the subtle differences when you combine primary colors with each other, or primary colors and secondary colors. Color theory is a must.


  1. The elements of balance on a visual design. Balancing elements is important because we want the text and images on the design to harmonize with each other. Balancing means giving each element the space that it deserves, so the design doesn’t end up looking lopsided.


  1. Photo editing or photo manipulation. The idea behind photo editing is that you are going to take the natural elements of an image and enhance them with a purpose in mind. It is a good thing that there are plenty of image editing apps and software now and with a push of a button, you can edit images.


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Bigcitysportswear offer design and custom t shirts. and we also provide all services like Create Your Own Shirt, custom hoodies, custom t shirt design etc.’s Tips on What to Know Before Going to a Pawn Shop

If you find yourself stuck in a financial emergency, you can always rely on a pawn shop to help you get the cash that you need. You might want to consider going to a pawnshop if you have a room or a basement that is full of things (especially antiques) that might have some value to them after a little bit of cleaning.

Pawn Shop However, though a pawn shop would be able to help you get money in times of need, we recommend knowing the ins and outs of a pawn shop transaction first before heading to one.

You should never feel embarrassed to go to a pawn shop especially if you really need to. We at suggest knowing the following things first before heading to a pawn shop near you so that you would have an idea of what you are going to be dealing with.

• Not every bad thing you hear is true


We have heard stories about pawnshops being a shady and sometimes scary business. However, on a lot of occasions, these negative things are oftentimes nothing but a bunch of baseless stories that are being promulgated by media.

Remember that not all pawn shops are bad and not every single one of them is greedy enough to steal from their customers. In fact, we at always remind people that pawn shops are governed by fourteen federal regulations and statutes as well as several other state laws depending on their location. A lot of pawn shops in the US are run by people who take pride in their customer service excellence.

• How you can get a loan


Before heading to a pawn shop, we at suggest that you know first what exactly you can get out of a pawn shop.

  • Collateral loans-This type of loan is given to people in exchange for something that has value. If you take something of value to a pawn shop and the pawnbroker becomes interested in the item, he will offer a loan to you. The pawnbroker will keep your item until you are able to pay your loan back.

The amount that the pawnbroker will give you is going to be only a small fraction of what the item is really worth. This is because a lot of factors such as storing and market value are considered by the pawnbroker before an offer is made on the item. would be able to help you learn about what the best offers are.

  • Selling the item-If you are in need of more money, you can also opt to sell your item outright. However, pawnbrokers are happier if you would consider loaning since it would mean that you are more likely to come back, and it is just much better for business in general for you to loan.
  • Pawn tickets– Never lose your pawn ticket, as this serves as your receipt. Lose this and you will have trouble with processing your transaction.
• Repaying loans

You should make a plan on how you are going to manage to pay your loan back. Make sure that you pay your loan back before the set deadline, which is usually set around one to four months after your initial transaction. If you fail to pay the loan back, the pawnbroker gets to keep your item, although this will not affect your credit score in any way.

• What do pawn shops want and don’t want?


Not every single item is going to be accepted by a pawn shop.

  • Do not offer anything that is outdated, cheaply made, or is extremely difficult to either store or sell. These items will either fetch a low loan amount or get rejected outright by the pawnbroker.
  • Do offer coins, jewelry, as well as high quality tools, firearms, and musical instruments. We at always suggest going with these items as these are market friendly and are very easy to store.
• Be prepared to answer questions regarding your ownership of the item –


Pawn shops are legally mandated to check if you really are the true owner of the item you are selling. You might be asked questions in order for the pawnbroker to assess whether you really own the item. By law, you should also present a government ID when you go to a pawn shop.

Must-Do’s to Convert Your Website to an Authority Site

If you are just a beginner in bridging your business to the internet world, the words “authority site” would look like a big goal. Well, you are on the right track, going from a simple website to an authority site should be a huge priority. The proper definition of the term is an authority site is a popular website among netizens because of its reliability.  It is used over and over again for information on general news, products, and services. But unlike most big goals, there is a quick way you can convert your website to an authority site. This article will discuss the easiest ways to make your business website recognized.

Becoming Familiar with Authority

First and foremost of all, knowing the definition of the term authority site is not enough. You have to acknowledge current authority sites and fully understand their success stories.

Big companies like Barnes and Nobles or Walmart already have authority sites because they are credible even outside of the online competing arena. But you don’t have to worry about being a dot in authority-sitethe competition. Most unknown businesses have risen to become promoted pawns on the economic chess board because they were able to pull off becoming authority sites. They often stand as tough competitors heavily considered by larger businesses.

Small companies survive by making their websites likeable for Google and other essential search engines. They make their layout and content attractive enough for users to repeatedly use them. If a potential customer sees your website and finds the content appealing, you get initial big points. If they keep returning and sharing things about your site, you would eventually be recognized by search engines then become an official authority website.

You can easily say thecompetition of big and small companies is like any sport or reality show. The more points you gather with usability and popularity, the more search engines are driven to put your site among the first results of a search. If your site becomes part of the first results, it is a top ranker among authority websites.

Following Good Guidelines

According to SEO experts like, “Building a site that has authority in Google’s eyes is the most effective way of dominating search engine results for the long term.” Therefore, it essential to follow the best practices in order to gain authority and earn the boxing gloves to become a competitor in googles-website-guidelinesyour industry. This section would provide good guidelines that would make your site among the top choices of search engines.

  1. Attraction is Important

Make the design of your website simple but appealing. It should be easy to navigate with effective links, icons, and possible animations. For users today, the most attractive features are videos, pictures, and short blogs. You can highlight lines of testimonies or accreditation to assure credibility. You must always keep in mind that the attraction your website’s look has is important because with one click a potential customer can choose to stay or exit.

  1. Impeccable Content

You should focus a lot on the content of your website. It would define your target audience and it would add points to reliability. It would be best if your content would deal with useful tips and guides that prove your business is a good investment.

Most netizens participate in commenting and reading reviews to confirm information about your business. Thus, blogs and descriptions you have on your products and services should be written clearly with full detail. You should also note a number of sites are on the latter parts of search engine results because they lack headings, bullets, and or quality English.

  1. Effective Reaching Out Capabilities

Your site can reach out to customers in several ways such as optimization, calls of action, and social media.

You should invest in cooperating with SEO services to ensure that the site can connect with mobile and website-guidelinesdesktop devices. Proper optimization also builds link building with other authority sites.

A site can reach out with “Calls of Action” in blogs such as invitations to like, share, or comment. They are essential calls that encourage involvement and promotion.

Social media tools makes authority for sites when used to create updates, show exclusive interviews, or making a continued relationship with customers.

All of these ways can ensure that the numbers of your customers continuously increase.

  1. Never Forget Contact Information

When customers are convinced to find out more information about your business, it is vital to have your contact information present. On all tabs of your site, you should have the main address and numbers visible. The most popular areas are the header and footer. A tab devoted to your business sites and directions would also boost your business.

  1. Dealing with Other Advertisements

Most users are easily annoyed by sites that have distracting pop-ups or ads unconnected to the site. Although these ads may promote your website, you should limit their exposure. As much as possible, you should not use them to fully support your site.

When you understand the powers of an authority site, you would immediately see the great potential your business can have. When you make the right investments and moves to become one, you’d be able to compete with large companies fearlessly. Your moves would rely on how you followed good guidelines in creating and maintain a website. The results would mean having the best profits within your palms. You’d see ambitions for your company will be quickly realized through its authority site.

Preparing The Board, And Soldering The Parts In PCB Assembly

After the board has undergone an intense process of fabrication and testing, its components will be placed on the board. The board is already electrically charged, which makes it vulnerable to short circuitry when improperly handled. Since it is silk screened, its surface becomes delicate for the placement of the vital components during PCB assembly. Before putting any component on the board, it needs to be thoroughly cleaned of unwanted residues that may hinder the smooth electrical flow.

Following Are The Basic Methods Of PCB Assembly:

Printed boards that have undergone an intense process of layering, etching, cutting, etc. need to be cleaned so that they will not corrode easily. Click this website for more details about PCBs. A basic method of cleaning the board can include blasting it with compressed air. Cleaning it can help in making the solder joints conductive and strong.

Technicians don’t simply put the electronic pieces on the board, they glue them on to the board with a metal, using a soldering gun or iron, and they can use a microscope to view the area and the piece for the proper placement. They use tweezers to place the components the tool is able to hold. This is the manual soldering technique.

For small volume of boards, technicians are able to do this time-consuming process, but for high quantities, the process needs to be automated. Manufacturers can use two forms of technology in PCB assembly: surface-mount technology, and through-hole technology. As electronic industry evolves over time, experts can still develop soldering machines to make the process faster.

PCB Assembly

As of the moment, surface-mount technology in PCB assembly is what’s mainly used since it’s more convenient than the through-hole technology. However, there are cases when both of these technologies are inevitably applied. Not all components are of the same size, and there can even be very small parts that are crucial for the board to function. Through-hole technology may require more parts to be integrated on to the board, and most of them can be big components. This technology makes the components kept in place even if a strong physical force is applied on the device.

Hobbyists can manually solder the parts on to the board, but big industries require specialized machines to glue the parts on to its surface. Manufacturers have machines that can use heat and vapor to make the board more conducive for soldering. Technicians use ovens to apply heat that’s just right (heat that wouldn’t exceed the thermal limits of the board).

Laymen say that boards are charged with the particles that are found in the rain. This idea may be associated with condensation soldering, which is the application of vapor on the board surface. This method protects the board surface from oxidation and corrosion, even without the use of a protective gas that’s usually nitrogen.

Aside from heat, radiation can also be used in making the surface favorable for soldering. The reflow technique that’s used in surface-mount technology melts the solder that will become solder joints. Manufacturers use different soldering techniques based on what’s suitable for their industry. One of the industries, which requires meticulous placement of its parts, is the IT industry. Aside from developing computer software, its scope includes manufacturing of computer parts.

Since computers have an integrated circuit that’s small but has a powerful capacity, their manufacturers require a technology that’s able to connect the units accurately to create a functional network in circuit boards. Microchip is a set composed of a huge network of electronic components that are printed on a small plate. Because of the close proximity of its parts, their functions are communicated at high speeds that results to high performance. Soldering of microchips in PCB assembly is cheaper than soldering individual pieces (that can also be found in microchips) on to the computer board.

Lanyards: Effortless Style with Unbeatable Function

Necklaces are unique pieces of jewelry that are popular with just about anyone – men and women, young and old. They are versatile accessories that could instantly change the look of an entire outfit and having several pieces could definitely add depth to your wardrobe without having to spend so much on more clothes.

Aside from being decorative vanity items, however, necklaces do not usually carry much utility value with them. This is precisely the reason why beaded lanyards are gaining popularity all over the world; they offer not only aesthetic value but functional usefulness as well. The beaded design has the best of both worlds, which allows you to have a stylish necklace while also keeping your small valuables about your person within easy reach.

lanyardsSome people choose to wear them for purely decorative purposes. On the other hand, most people appreciate that attaching a lanyard to a valuable item helps to ensure that it would not get lost or stolen. If ever it gets misplaced, it is much easier to find with something attached to it, compared to losing a tiny object such as your keys, for instance.

Lanyards provide a means for you to look your best while also keeping your valuable items safe and secure.

If you work in an office setting, the lanyard is a vital tool to keep small but important items within arm’s reach. They can be used to hold employee IDs, parking cards, drawer keys, USB sticks and practically anything under the sun that is of reasonable size. Lanyards can save you a great deal of time because you don’t have to rummage through your entire bag or pocket.

Working in a high-security environment necessitates use of the lanyard as well.Security passes and access cards should be easily accessible, but must also be kept safe from possible loss or theft. Employers most likely provide lanyards for their employees in these environments as losing an access card could result to a great deal of issues for the company, considering that it could end up in the wrong hands.

Naturally, one does not have to be an office employee or high-security facility personnel to benefit from using a lanyard. They have a wide range of uses for everyday household items as well. A lanyard can hold something as simple as your house keys, and a growing number of men are using them mainly for decorative purposes, attaching them to mobile phones and other gadgets and leaving the lanyard hanging out of their pockets instead of wearing it around their necks. This look can be maximized by using a leather lanyard, which usually comes in brown or black – colors that go well with almost anything.

Aside from leather, patterns or logos of the user’s personal preference can be printed on a regular polyester lanyard to showcase individuality without trumping function. These are just some of the materials that can be used for lanyard-making. In addition to beads and polyester, there are also tubular, woven, nylon, cord, and dye-sublimated options that guarantee that whatever your tastes may be, you can find the lanyard that fits your style.

If you believe you don’t need a lanyard to be more fashionable, you can definitely still find a use for it to hold personal belongings that you would like to keep with you most of the time, or items that need to be within easy reach when you are engaged in activities while out and about. There are few items that can be as versatile as lanyards and having one or two in your arsenal will surely make your life a little more organized and stylish at the same time.


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Why Choose Cremation

Life is a gift that is celebrated each year for every individual. Every year, you have birthday parties and family and friends come to celebrate with you. Life is celebrated with joy and delight, however, when death comes, it is the time for sorrow and mourning. When death arrives, it is the time to grieve and feel anguish. Death is an agonizing experience for everyone, especially, if it happens to someone very dear to you. Now, there are many ways of saying farewell to a loved one. There is the common discreet funeral held by most people where everyone mourns in silence. There’s also the grander way to do funerals, with several speeches and toasts for the deceased. However, you want to say goodbye to your loved one, it all comes down to your last goodbye – the time when you finally have to part ways.

For most people, the common in-ground burial is the best way to put an end to things. You bury the dead along with his/her memories with you. For some, this is the easiest way to forget and move on. For some, this is the best way to keep on moving forward even with the loss they have experienced. However, there are some people who chose not to let go and to and continue on living with person they have lost. Of course, you can’t do this with normal corpses. Normal corpses need to be buried in the ground to be decomposed and to avoid the foul odor they will produce, so you really can’t be with the corpse of your loved one. However, there is a way to sort of preserve the remains of your loved one and keep them with you or wherever you go.

CremationCremation is the process of reducing the remains of a deceased person into ashes. The body is heated at a very high temperature in about one to three hours until what remains are only ashes. These ashes are given to the family to take care of. With this, you can keep the remains of your loved one in your own home and together with your family.

Why Choose Cremation?

Keep Your Loved One with You

With normal burials, you keep the deceased person underground, but with cremation, you can actually keep the remains of the deceased (ashes) with you. If your family has a certain bond or attachment, this will make things easier for you and your family, especially with the recovery.

You Don’t Have To Go To the Cemetery

After cremation, you can have the remains of your loved one with you. Now, you don’t have to go to the cemetery every now and then to offer prayers or pay respects. You can do those at home, where you keep the ashes of your loved ones. It does not only allow you to see it every day, it also allows you to pray anytime you want.

Leave a Legacy/Remembrance

Having a very important loved one with you even in death allows that person to leave you his/her legacy or remembrance. It may become a family heritage that you leave to your children and your children’s grandchildren to let them remember you and the past of your family. It may give them a sense of connection and bond, even when you no longer exist.

Another Option…

If you do not want to keep the ashes of your loved one, you can also throw it away. But not literally throw it away. You can put the ashes in a place where the deceased had a certain connection or just scatter it in the wind and let it be a part of the earth eventually.


Gentry Griffey became the only funeral home to operate an on-site crematory. Whether you are in need of traditional funeral options or cremation services.

Other Ways to Use a Storage Container

If you just use your imagination, storage containers are more than just what they seem. Below are some ideas to turn your boring storage container into something else entirely:


Container houses are fairly commonplace given the large surplus of storage containers, the ingenuity of modern architects and the call for a greener living through recycling. The fixed shape and dimensions of a cargo container is irrelevant given the fact that you can connect and stack containers in endless configurations. If you like the idea of sustainable living and the nostalgic fun of stacking Lego blocks together, then storage container architecture can fulfill both.

Temporary shelter

Disasters happen all the time. We can never prevent disasters, but we can always prepare for it. Unlike tents, storage containers are durable enough to withstand aftershocks and prolonged usage. Deployment is a little bit more complicated, yes; but remember that containers are compatible with most modes of transportation such as trains, trucks, ships and aircraft. Helicopter deployment is also feasible for inaccessible and isolated areas.


Storage containerContainer architecture also extends to commercial buildings. For hotels, it has the advantage of easy construction and deployment (as well as re-deployment) without compromising durability. It is also a great way to advertise your business and offer something new and edgy to your customers.

Retail space

The portability offered by cargo containers make them excellent options for opening retail spaces in new territory. If you want to open up a branch of your business, you can “test the waters” by deploying container buildings first.


Unexpected events such as renovations or disasters can threaten school operations. Clearly, this is never an option for such institutions. Storage containers can be swiftly converted to fully functional classrooms or school offices that can save time and money. Container classrooms presented a brilliant solution of classroom shortages in third world countries in some parts of Africa.


Instead of constructing sheds and shacks, cargo containers can provide a cheaper and more secure alternative as a temporary or even a permanent garage. For ease of access, roll-up doors can be incorporated into the design. The steel body of containers provides added protection to the elements and weather effects with the advantage of being earthquake resistant.


Mobile, fully-furnished and self-sufficient clinics made from containers can provide a state with a quick means to react to medical emergencies from epidemics and disasters as well as for humanitarian purposes overseas. When the typhoon Haiyan struck the island of Leyte in the central Philippines, Clinic in a Can (exactly what is says in the tin), was instrumental in providing medical assistance.

Swimming pool

Remove the top part of a container, put tiles in the interior and valves to control water and voila, you have an instant pool. Besides being transportable, pools made from storage container eliminate digging and hence, are immensely simpler and cheaper to produce.


Containers can be used as nurseries for crops as well as full-pledged greenhouses. When you move out, you can move your plants and crops with you without much hassle. Hydroponic technology can sometimes be incorporated inside the “portable green houses.”

Research and training facility

When a building can only be temporarily used, cargo containers shine in their ability to produce sturdy but mobile structures. Some military bodies use container buildings as training facilities and barracks for military trainees. Besides being reusable, deployment is simplified since all you need to do is to leave the container building in the site which eliminates lengthy set-up and pack-up. The protection its steel body and frame provides to the personnel cannot be underestimated.

4 Tips to Make a Motivational Speaker’s Job Easier

It’s not easy to become a motivational speaker as all the attention is on you. However, you can still make your job easier by implementing some techniques. Here are four of them.

1.Use index cards when listing your pointers.

Index cards are more traditional since a lot of motivational speakers already use teleprompters, screen projectors, or tablets for their speech. However, for rookie speakers, using things that are harder to control may not be a good idea since nervousness and humiliation can rob them of their concentration. Sometimes, looking at a complete list is also confusing, especially when the motivational speaker does a lot of ad lib. He may get lost and when that happens, the audience will surely take notice of it.

Index cards are easy to use as they can be flipped or dropped easily when already used. They are ideal for listing pointers or for listing reminders, such as when to tell an anecdote, give a joke, or introduce a visual presentation. They can also be easily hidden on the podium or when carried on stage won’t appear as awkward as when you carry a tablet.

2.Have a bottle of water close by.

Half of a motivational speaker’s power is in his voice—how he projects it, applies dynamics, and emphasizes words and phrases. Hence, obvious changes in the voice will also affect the delivery of a speech.

Motivational speakerTalking for several minutes straight is tiring for your vocal cords. In five to 10 minutes, you may already feel dryness in your throat. After 15 minutes, you may already feel itchiness. In 20 minutes, you may already feel the need to cough and rest your voice. There is no way experienced motivational speakers can avoid that, but they can do something to manage their throat very well.

The most practical and effective way to do that is to sip small amounts of lukewarm water every few minutes. This will relieve your tiring vocal cords without having to consume a lot of time off. In addition, you can learn different techniques to modulate your voice or different ways to phase your delivery in a not-so-tiring way.

3.Choose a microphone that is most comfortable for you.

Did you know that holding a microphone is one thing that makes a motivational speaker nervous? As you know, a nervous speaker is rarely effective in delivering his speech.

Holding a microphone is not a natural part of having a conversation. It is a constant reminder that the speaker is indeed in front of an audience and has to be in the limelight for several minutes, which makes the whole speech even more distressing.

He wouldn’t be able to speak normal and pretend that the event is no different from having everyday conversation with the mic in his hand. Many nervous motivational speakers hold the mic shaking while some point the mic all over the place as a part of their natural hand gestures. Either way, a microphone sometimes reveals more about how a motivational speaker really feels on stage.

Instead of distressing yourself over a simple microphone, better request something that will make you feel more comfortable, something that will make you forget that the mic is there. You can choose a headset type or a lavalier/lapel microphone. You’ll be able to speak more naturally when you are not holding anything.

4.Divide your speech and allot a certain time limit for each part.

Most motivational speakers are given time limit on their speech, especially if several others have to take the stage before or after them. That limit makes many speakers even more nervous, wondering if they can really finish the speech in time or if they can deliver in a natural voice if they have to hurry. Since time is usually non-negotiable, might as well do the time allotment yourself so you know when to rush and when to slow down. This will also give you the opportunity to skip less important parts if you are already running out of time.

A Game of Challenge Coins in the Military

The game of challenge coins in the military has something to do with drinking and strengthening the camaraderie among military men. It is not clear when the tradition really started, but an interesting story happened during World War II that might have started it all.

Interesting Origin

The story about a soldier of the flying squadron being saved by his medallion has been told for so many times. The tradition of providing a custom medallion (now coin) to all the members of a particular squadron started from there. To make sure that the tradition of carrying the medallion will never die, a new tradition of posting a challenge was declared.

Anyone can make a challenge at any given time and place. It was more of a one on one challenge that time. The soldiers must carry their challenge coins wherever they go. One soldier would challenge another, and if the one who were challenged failed to show his coin, he is obliged to buy the challenger a drink. However, if the one challenged showed his coin, then the person who initiated the challenge would be the one to buy a drink.

challenge coinsThe tradition of initiating a massive challenge might have started when the US military were faced with the task to occupy Germany. At that time, one Pfennig coin of West Germany was equivalent to less than one US penny. No one would bother saving their Pfennigs, unless they got nothing else.

Each time the service men gathered in a bar, one of them usually declares a Pfennig check challenge. The men must show the contents of their pockets. If a soldier had a Pfennig in his pocket, then it was a sign that he was broke. If a soldier did not have a Pfennig, then it was a sign that he had money and should buy the drinks for the next round.

The same tradition has been adapted ever since. It was no longer a one on one challenge, but a group challenge.

The Modern Day Challenge Coin Game

The rules in the modern day military challenge coin game are the same as that of Pfennig check. This time, instead of using Pfennig, they use the challenge coins issued to each member of a particular unit. When someone calls for a challenge, each member must be able to show his coin. A member who fails to bring his coin along will need to pay a penalty. He must buy each one of his group members a drink of their choice for the next round.

The challenge coin game aims to improve the camaraderie of soldiers who belong to the same unit. It is a great way to renew their bond together as a team.

There are other groups or organizations that follow the challenge coin game of the military, and adapted the same rules. However, the penalty could be the same or different from that of the military. The groups who tried the game noticed that they became closer as a team.

You can impose other penalties, aside from buying a drink. It could be a week’s worth of cleaning materials, pantry stocks, or cleaning duty. You can make the loser host a once a week tea party for a month, or pay for your spa visit. Think of a penalty that would help bring the whole team closer than before. You will not only create good vibes among members, you will get a free treat too.

Modern challenge coins come in colorful designs, different shapes and sizes, different materials, various styles for the edges, and other options that your chosen provider can offer. All you need to do is choose the most suitable material for your coin and budget.


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Golf shoes: a brief history

Several pieces of golf equipment – the golf ball and clubs among them – have very colorful histories. The evolution of the golf ball is thought to be very much intertwined with the evolution of the game itself. But the development of golf shoes is unique because it is not just a reflection of developments related to the game. The transformation of golf shoes is also a story of fashion trends developing over time.

One of the earliest references to golf footwear can be traced back to 1857 when the Scottish publication, ‘The Golfer’s Manual’ suggested that beginners simply buy large shoes and equip them with nails and sprigs for the sake of achieving enough grip (while the outcome’s rather crude, it does work well enough).

Some of the shoes used in golf are the Gillies and the Kilties. The Gillies, which derived its name from the word “gille” meaning “boy”, are tongue-less Oxfords that feature fringed laces. They are used in golf by being worn with long trousers (those that extend ten centimeters below the knee) and argyle socks.

On the other hand, the once-popular golf shoe known as kilties, are essentially oxfords equipped with fringed leather that covers their laces and eyelets.

The 1857 suggestion of using nails proved to be unsafe and in 1891, the first pair of golf shoes with separate screw-in spikes was introduced. The screw-in spikes proved safer than the nails but they were soon banned from golf clubs because they damaged the greens more often than not.

A few years later, in 1906, saddle oxfords were introduced and have become the standard, classic golfing footwear. Saddle oxfords have an extra piece of leather (as you’d expect, it’s similar in shape to a saddle) that surrounds the laces. These saddles have one crucial function – to hold the foot tight during running and fast sprints.

The first golf professional to wear white buck golfing shoes that have different-colored leather trimmings was Gene Sarazen (born Eugenio Saraceni) – this was back in the early 1920s.

The 1980s saw the trend of golf shoes switching from being stiff to being more flexible. Cushioning and foot support became a point of focus to golf footwear brands and they started using materials that can ensure comfort.

In the 1990s, golf shoes started having plastic and non-metal cleats instead of the metal spikes that damaged the greens of golf courses. Aside from being more suitable to the golf course’s grassy terrains, these plastic cleats provided more comfort and they made metal spikes a thing of the past.

In recent history, one of the people who pushed for the development of such shoes is Tiger Woods, who used his celebrity status to propel the creation of a new generation of products.

Golf shoes2010 saw spikeless shoes as a golf shoe trend when Fred Couples was seen wearing those shoes with a dimpled rubber exterior. Until now, golf footwear remains on the path of development. Because of technology, manufacturers of golfing footwear began incorporating performance elements borrowed from other sports, like running and soccer.

The 1857 publication which first recorded references of golfing footwear provided the legacy of a constant search for innovation and for efficiency. Hence, it is no hyperbole to say that footwear make a golf player’s game better in several ways. Golf’s long and colorful history identified several vital things that golf footwear must provide to players namely: balance, stability, and flexibility.

Still, even as time goes by, the key to an effective golf shoe pair remains rooted in comfort. So, whatever improvements might come in the next few years, rest assured that comfort will never be compromised.


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Rating the Skills of Content Writers

Content writers are pretty much like online journalists. They write informative, trending, and useful stuff for Ezine Articles, commercial blogs, education sites, and similar places on the web. Freelance online journalists typically know how to tweak their work to be more readable and accessible on the screen for its viewers.Their work ends when they send their completed articles to the publisher who does the rest of the job.

A content writer for corporate or business blogs, however, frequently has to wear more hats than your usual online writer. There’s a lot riding on the back of the corporate content writer. A website either makes it or drowns in the quagmire of SEO oblivion.It is the content writer’s job to create the right content to make sure that the website will stay on top of the search engine results page (SERP) and be more visible to its target audience, opening more possibilities for sales or other equivalent conversion.

Content writerCorporate web writers are usually expected to possess sophisticated verbal and technical writing skills, and some level of proficiency in web design and marketing techniques. Not all content writers are created equal, though, and a company has to be more specific in its job specifications to be able to find the perfect fit for its content writing requirements.

The battle for page ranking supremacy used to go in the way of websites that optimize sites for search engines through the clever use and appearance of keywords. The changing algorithms of search engines,however, have changed the entire SERP landscape. Quality content matters, not just in the eyes of the web users, but in the parameters set by search engines as well.

Getting the website on the top page is already a rough road, but that is just the icing on the cake. Most web users scan through the text on the results page and click on the website that seems useful. A website with highly optimized and relevant micro content or meta description tags usually takes the cake.

Providing a meta description is an opportunity to advertise a website’s content. These short paragraphs should make use of keywords astutely and include a compelling description of the website to lure a searcher to click. This sounds like a job for a content writer who is a wordsmith and a web master at the same time.

A content writer, more than anything, creates the website content that draws and retains visitors to a site. Quality content means posts that are relevant, useful, accurate, and timely. In some instances, the content writer may also be given a role in the web page design process to ensure consistency and uniformity.

Work assignments often vary, but content writers are routinely asked to do the following tasks:

•Provide content based on specifications given by a client

•Edit and polish print documents prior to online publication

•Design web pages for readability and accessibility

•Research and write web content from scratch

•Create intranet content from scratch

•Proofread web pages prior to publication

Special tasks may include testing and editing of forms for usability and website evaluation for search-ability, readability, legibility, interactivity, and strategy.

Every work assignment has varying skills requirement, but every content writer should be competent in writing titles and creating content for meta descriptions. The online writer is also expected to know how to write HTML and XML.

Professional content writers with specialist or technical skills can write alt-text for images, provide content of no frames tag, and write long desc for frames, iframes tag, and images. They are also involved in the training of new staff writers.

A content writer works in a fast-paced and technology-driven field and must keep up with the changes and the ever growing competition by continuously enhancing technical and writing skills.

Mini Awards evoke elegance and sophistication

In sport, it is tradition for award-giving bodies to use trophies and medals as signs of appreciation for competitors who have the best standing in their events because it requires effort and excellence to do so. As such, these symbols of high achievement must physically possess both qualities, most evident in the materials used to make them: gold, silver, or other like metals. Additionally, the design of these trinkets is suited to a style to convey respectability and discipline.

awardpinsOutside the sports world, things are not so different. One can usually find corporate, political, military, and pedagogical institutions to observe the same tradition. Military personnel with stand out services, business executives achieving milestones for their companies, and outstanding students pioneering in their fields of study find themselves the recipients of similar trinkets. Plaques and plates line their desks or mantles, but along with these baubles one can also find smaller valuables: honorary badges and award pins. In formal ceremonies, these smaller niceties are proudly displayed and attached to clothes (on lapels or collars) as they add to the style and help elevate the occasion to a more respectable sophisticated level.

One often wonders why memories of such ceremonies or occasions warrant great respect from professionals, but it is indeed the so-called trinkets themselves that give off such effect. To look no further, proof of this can be found in the very craftsmanship of these lapel award pins and badges. At the source makers of these trinkets, usually artisans, practice a level of discipline and eye to detail few possess, and you’ll see these qualities transferred during the design and execution processes, starting with the plans.

These are hand-drawn and customized to standard specifications. Afterwards, computer processing follows and error-and-quality checks are applied multiple times even before manufacturing. On execution time, these steps are done to perfection: surface stamping, molding formation and cutting, soldering, plating, all done with machines then polishing, cleaning, and coloring of the surface by hands. Finally, products are finished off by baking in 450 F degrees heat, and in some cases to be applied with epoxy for higher quality and protection.

Embellishments and additions are sometimes added to showcase a sophistication and taste level suited to more expensive tastes:

examples are contemporary clasps, designer stamps or beautiful decals found at the back, double design, danglers or extensions, lenticular or fuzzy image, and mechanically-complicated pins fitted with LED, spinners, and sliders. The majority of current manufacturing can be found in China, but some bespoke companies or respected artisans can be located in the US/UK.

In addition to craftsmanship, historical evidence shows that two qualities, power and prestige, can also be associated with lapel award pins and badges. During the reigns of Lenin and Mao Zedong in the USSR and the People’s Republic of China respectively, badges were worn to show belongingness to the Communist Party.

Later, Czechoslovakian teenagers and Communist sympathizers grew partial to donning Mao lapel buttons as symbols of a counter culture movement that grew post-1968 Communist Party of Czechoslovakia. During the period before the Soviet Union’s dissolution, use of the pins and badges spread to sports, military, and political spheres and eventually to ordinary everyday behavior.

Following these historical precedents, practitioners of the popular Guru Maharaj Ji displayed their admiration through buttons, badges, and pins with large images of him. Instances of older historical associations of power can also be found in the wearing of award pins during the Olympics by Western countries like the United Kingdom. Taking all of these into account might shed light to why rest of the world has adopted a similar view of significance for such trinkets.

In much of today, pop culture has also become enamored with lapel trinkets, and for fanatics, collecting them has become a niche hobby. Particularly lucrative are designs of popular characters from Disney, Hello Kitty, comic books, and corporations such as McDonald’s, Hard Rock Cafe, etc.